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Appliance Removal


Furniture Removal



Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal

At least one of your appliances has broken down if you’re like most individuals who have their own house. Perhaps your dishwasher leaves markings on your dishes, or perhaps your refrigerator is unable to maintain the proper temperature.
Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal

You probably don’t have the time or energy to do it all the cleaning or removal yourself. Sooner State Junk Removal is here to help in such a situation! We are a Furniture Removal company with our center in Oklahoma City, and we are experts in the disposal of any old furniture you may have.

Mattress Removal

Are you sick of the space that your old mattress takes up in your home? Are you prepared for an upgrade? In such case, it’s time to pick up the phone and give Sooner State Junk Removal in Oklahoma City a call so they can remove your mattress.
House Cleanouts

House Cleanouts

Sooner State Junk Removal is the solution for you if you live in the Oklahoma City area and are seeking for assistance in arranging your home space and belongings. 
Sooner State Junk Removal


It’s time to get rid of all that junk! If you need assistance cleaning out a hoarder’s home, look no further than the experts in Oklahoma City. 
Light Demolition

Construction Debris Removal

We know how important it is for your business to run smoothly, and our construction debris removal service will help you do just that! 

Appliance Removal Oklahoma City

At least one of your appliances has broken down if you’re like most individuals who have their own house. Perhaps your dishwasher leaves markings on your dishes, or perhaps your refrigerator is unable to maintain the proper temperature. Rather than going through the hassle of fixing it yourself, it may be time to hire a professional to remove it. Sooner State Junk Removal is one of several outstanding moving businesses in Oklahoma City. Our company provide a variety of options for getting rid of your old appliances, ranging from simple removal and disposal to recycling and donation. So, whether you need to get rid of something because it’s broken or no longer serves a purpose, Appliance Removal Oklahoma City can assist you.
Furniture Removal
You may have old appliances in your home that you are unsure how to dispose of. Are you looking for a way to get rid of your outdated appliances in Oklahoma City? Our professional staff at Sooner State Junk Removal can assist you in getting rid of any broken or obsolete home appliances. We know how to get rid of them, and we guarantee that we will take care of everything for you. The removal of outdated appliances is a crucial service. There have been a lot more requests for appliance removal as more people move into and build in the city. Oklahoma City Appliance Removal may work with the city to determine which appliances are no longer needed. This is a simple and quick process. This is also good for the environment because it keeps appliances out of landfills in Oklahoma City. Appliance removal benefits both the city of Oklahoma and its residents, so if you live in Oklahoma City and need assistance getting rid of your old appliances, look no further than Sooner State Junk Removal


Appliance Removal in Oklahoma City

Not every junk item is meant to be thrown away, and we understand that.

Our team sorts your junk into three categories – Recycle, Donate, Dispose Of – and removes it accordingly.


Sooner State Junk Removal
If you don’t have a truck or a lot of friends to help you move major appliances in Oklahoma City, it can be challenging. Sooner State Junk Removal can assist Oklahoma City residents in getting rid of their old appliances. Junk removal businesses such as Sooner State Junk Removal can help alleviate the stress of appliance removal. A removal service in Oklahoma City will take away old items like televisions, washers, and dryers. Recycling is essential for keeping equipment out of landfills.

The only way to get rid of old appliances, or at least the majority of them, is to have them removed. You can always find a new home for your old washer and dryer, no matter how long you’ve had them. Why? Even if your appliances are old, they are still worth keeping. The first and most important step is to get rid of them. A hefty appliance is normally removed with the assistance of a professional. Most major appliances are too heavy and unwieldy to lift and use by a single person. Two individuals are insufficient to keep the panels and lids in place during transit. A hand truck or furniture dolly, some furniture straps, and possibly some duct tape or packaging tape are all you’ll need. Small appliances like compact dryers and mini-fridges are frequently moved using pickup trucks and enclosed trailers. The appliances must then be delivered to the disposal facility by vehicle or trailer.
For many years, our company has been owned by the same family. We’re backed up by a license, an insurance policy, and a bond. You may encounter issues if you attempt to remove obsolete equipment on your own. For a free appliance removal quote, contact us today. Allow us to assist you!
Appliance Removal


Every Oklahoma City resident requires appliance removal services. It might be difficult to get rid of old, broken, or unnecessary items from your home. With the help of Sooner State Junk Removal, old appliances can be repurposed or donated. Removing appliances might help you declutter and make way for new appliances and other stuff. Choose a company that offers free estimates and has experience removing a variety of items from homes and businesses. Appliance removal is a straightforward method for getting rid of clutter as quick as possible.
Moving an item from one place to another might be challenging due to a lack of room, and if the operation takes too long, it may be impossible. When attempting to relocate an appliance, this is something that many people overlook. Choosing the appropriate course of action can be tough. We have the skills, expertise, and experience to stay one step ahead of the competition while staying within your budget! By providing full-service removal for all households and businesses, appliance removal in Oklahoma City avoids the need for specialized equipment such as cranes. Choose a company that offers free estimates and has experience removing a wide range of appliances. In Oklahoma City, getting rid of outdated appliances is a simple operation that can be completed quickly and economically. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we may begin working together!

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