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Junk Removal in Moore City

Sooner State Junk Removal is a rubbish removal service that operates out of Moore, Oklahoma. We remove waste from residential and commercial buildings. A family is both the one who started the business and the one who currently runs it. We have all of the required licenses and accreditations. We have a long history in the industry of garbage disposal, and we are dedicated to giving each and every one of our customers with the highest level of customer service that is humanly feasible. When you hire us to remove rubbish from your property, we guarantee that we will treat it as if it were our own rubbish and that we will follow the promise that we made to you. We will come to your location, collect all of the unwanted items you have, and then dispose of them in an appropriate manner once we are finished. We will remove and dispose of any debris that was left behind.
Our waste disposal services are beneficial to customers in the residential as well as the commercial sectors of the economy. Our services cover not only the removal of junk, but also the disposal of hazardous material, electronic waste, yard debris, hot tubs, and other big pieces of equipment. In addition, we also recycle. Junk hauling is one of our areas of expertise, and we will do our best to accommodate your financial constraints in order to ensure that you are able to retain our services. If you would like an estimate on the cost of our services with no obligations attached, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.



Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal

At least one of your appliances has broken down if you’re like most individuals who have their own house. Perhaps your dishwasher leaves markings on your dishes, or perhaps your refrigerator is unable to maintain the proper temperature.
Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal

You probably don’t have the time or energy to do it all the cleaning or removal yourself. Sooner State Junk Removal is here to help in such a situation! We are a Furniture Removal company with our center in Oklahoma City, and we are experts in the disposal of any old furniture you may have.

Mattress Removal

Are you sick of the space that your old mattress takes up in your home? Are you prepared for an upgrade? In such case, it’s time to pick up the phone and give Sooner State Junk Removal in Oklahoma City a call so they can remove your mattress.
House Cleanouts

House Cleanouts

Sooner State Junk Removal is the solution for you if you live in the Oklahoma City area and are seeking for assistance in arranging your home space and belongings. 
Sooner State Junk Removal


It’s time to get rid of all that junk! If you need assistance cleaning out a hoarder’s home, look no further than the experts in Oklahoma City. 
Light Demolition

Construction Debris Removal

We know how important it is for your business to run smoothly, and our construction debris removal service will help you do just that! 


Appliance Removal in Oklahoma City

Not every junk item is meant to be thrown away, and we understand that.

Our team sorts your junk into three categories – Recycle, Donate, Dispose Of – and removes it accordingly.

Our Service Process


Give us a call! One of our junk removal staff experts will assist you with booking an appointment that fits your needs.


An expert crew member will asses your junk removal needs and give you a free estimate.


All you have to do is point and our crew will make it disappear. We do all of the heavy lifting.


Have piece of mind knowing our team will dispose of your unwanted items with the environment in mind


Junk Removal


Appliance Removal


Furniture Removal



Do you feel the desire to clean up your home and get rid of any unwanted items that have accumulated there? Sooner State Junk Removal, which serves the Moore area and offers services related to the removal of junk, is able to fulfill all of your requirements. Our junk removal business is based in Moore, and we provide our services to people not only in Moore but also in the communities that are located in the neighboring areas. Our rubbish removal services are available to customers in both the residential and commercial sectors of the economy. Do not be concerned; we will be able to assist you with the removal of any quantity of rubbish that needs to be taken from your property. 

We will coordinate the removal of your trash with you directly in order to ensure that it is done in a timely and effective manner. We will remove all of the unwanted objects from your property, including household appliances, furniture, debris from your yard, and more. We will stop at nothing to ensure that you are completely happy with the service that we provide, as this is our top priority. Why would you choose to do that? Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you would like a no-obligation estimate on the cost of junk hauling. Permit us to assist you in reclaiming space in your life so that you can make way for new experiences and opportunities. We are delighted to be of assistance to you in meeting any and all of your requirements regarding the removal of waste!
Appliance Removal
Sooner State Junk Removal


Sooner State Junk Removal in Moore, where our team specializes in junk removal, is able to provide you with the much-required cleaning service for your home or place of business, in addition to your yard or any other outdoor areas that you may have. Because we have past experience working in this industry and are conversant with the procedures that are involved, we should be able to carry out this assignment without a problem. After we have finished working on your property, we guarantee that it will be in better condition than it was before we started working on it because our firm is fully licensed and insured. In addition to the collecting and removal of trash, we provide a wide range of other services, such as the collection of yard waste, a variety of different types of cleanouts, and a great deal more.

Sooner State Junk Removal provides waste removal services at prices that are affordable for anyone in the Moore area that is in need of these types of assistance. We offer rubbish removal services to ensure that all of your undesirable items are removed from your property in a timely and secure manner. Not only are the people who work for us in charge of waste collection extremely qualified and competent, but they also have years of experience working in the business in question. If you have any inquiries regarding the Junk Removal service that we provide, please do not be reluctant to get in touch with us as soon as you can after reading this.


Getting rid of junk in Moore has grown much easier in recent years. Sooner State Junk Removal is capable of satisfying all of your junk removal needs. We are a trustworthy junk removal business that is licensed and insured to handle your unwanted goods. Clients who do not want to perform the work themselves but still want to get rid of their junk can profit immensely from the Sooner State Junk Removal Moore service. We have been in the waste collection business for many years and have built a solid reputation. We are never late, and we have a practice of treating all clients with respect and courtesy. You may count on us to remove waste from your property in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of effort feasible because we are knowledgeable and skilled. In addition, we recycle every bit of rubbish that we discard.
Sooner State Junk Removal
We offer a wealth of knowledge and years of industry experience to every project we undertake, and our primary goal is to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe that by providing you with a variety of options, we will be able to assist you in locating the solution that is best suited to the needs of your waste removal project. Our service also includes competitive market pricing, and we will work with you to reach a price that is acceptable to both of us. Call Sooner State Junk Removal right now to learn more about our services and how we can help you remove the unwanted stuff from your property.

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